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Golf Swing Analysis

Certified: TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)     Golf Professional 3, Golf Mechanics 2, Golf Biomechanics 2, Junior Coach 3, Med Professional 2, Golf Fitness Pro 3.

K-Vest 3D motion capture swing analysis, advanced.

GOLF DIGEST recognized club fitter since 2011

Certificates: KBS Premier Fitter, Advanced Rifle Shaft Fitting Center, True Temper Gold Performance Fitting Center, AGCP (Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals) level 10. PCS (Professional Clubmaker Society) Class A Clubmaker, ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer CPT

Our detailed club fitting identifies the most stable, best quality shaft and club head combination for your individual swing. We build MOI-matched custom clubs to perfection with highest craftsmanship. Your new set will yield increased shot-making consistency and optimum performance on the course where it counts. Your enjoyment of golf is our highest priority.

  • Clubs fit correctly to your swing movement pattern.
  • FlightScope radar launch monitor for accurate data.
  • Gap Distance Analysis: essential to fine tune accuracy.
  • Swing analysis by 3D motion capture, high speed video.
  • Range-of-motion analysis by TPI functional assessment.
  • MOI-matched irons, wedges for maximum consistency. 
  • EI certification matching for custom sets of iron shafts. 


Effective fitting benefits from knowing how your swing mechanics are affected by your clubs. Above for example, swing compensations for a driver that's too long, too stiff, too heavy contributed to inefficient downswing motions including early club release, over-the-top club path, and excessive forward bend of the pelvis. Correctly fit clubs will help you develop an efficient swing for playing better golf.

Our shaft analytics are the most accurate in golf. Matching the optimum stiffness, torque, and weight distribution through a shaft to your swing mechanics is essential to achieving maximum performance from your clubs. This scientific approach to understanding shaft deflection overcomes the limitations of marketing concepts like kick point that have little meaning for how a shaft works with your swing.

Radar launch monitor analysis reveals the anatomy of a golf shot. We use radar technology in measuring key variables to identify the right shaft and clubhead combination for your swing. Measuring distance gaps between clubs reveals the effectiveness of your set makeup and club specifications to adjust. If accurate shot placement with optimum distance are your goals, there is no substitute for this analysis. 

Our dynamic lie angle adjustments are based on your natural swing to yield improved control of golf shots. We provide accurate measurements of club loft angles and the distances they can achieve with your swing. Our analysis removes club selection guesswork from your game. 

Contact us for an appointment. JTCLUBS comprehensive professional clubfitting and golf swing biomechanics analysis are offered in a wide range of personalized options for players of all ages and skill levels. We look forward to helping you.