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Golf Swing Analysis

Certified: TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)     Golf Professional 3, Golf Mechanics 2, Golf Biomechanics 2, Junior Coach 3, Med Professional 2, Golf Fitness Professional 3.

Certified: K-Vest 3D motion capture swing analysis 2.

Certified: AGCP (Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals). PCS (Professional Clubmaker Society) Class A Clubmaker, GOLF DIGEST listed club fitter.

Certified: ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer (CPT). 

We fit and build custom clubs for every golfer at all skill levels using the most effective modern technology available.

  • Clubs fit to help optimize your swing movement pattern.
  • MOI-matched irons, wedges for maximum consistency.
  • FlightScope radar launch monitor for accurate data.
  • Swing analysis by 3D motion capture, high speed video.
  • Range-of-motion analysis by TPI functional assessment.
  • Clubs built to correct specifications, best craftsmanship. 
  • EI certification matching for custom sets of iron shafts.


Effective fitting begins with understanding your swing traits, and how inefficient swing mechanics (as in above kinematics and bend angles) can affect how you swing your clubs. We identify the shaft stiffness profile that responds best to the way you load the club in the downswing and release it through impact to achieve greater consistency, distance, accuracy. Our shaft EI profiling technology is the most accurate in golf.

Launch monitor analysis reveals the anatomy of a golf shot. We use it in clubfitting to achieve a compact ball landing cluster for more accurate shot placement with optimum distance. Here, a tour player hitting test 6-irons with a controlled fade found a lighter weight graphite shaft that outperformed heavier stiffer steel in every metric that matters. We apply the same technology to fit and help all golfers.

JTCLUBS comprehensive professional clubfitting and golf swing biomechanics analysis are offered in a wide range of options for players of all ages and skill levels customized to their individual goals. Our leading expertise and advanced technology will make a difference in your game.

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JTCLUBS will help you play better golf.