JTCLUBS in San Francisco

Custom Clubfitter and Clubmaker

Golf Swing Analysis

Certified: TPI (Titleist Performance Institute)     Golf Professional 3, Golf Mechanics 2, Golf Biomechanics 2, Junior Coach 3, Med Professional 2, Golf Fitness Professional 3.

Certified: K-Vest 3D motion capture swing analysis 2.

Certified: AGCP (Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals). PCS (Professional Clubmaker Society) Class A Clubmaker, GOLF DIGEST listed club fitter.

Certified: ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer (CPT). 

We fit and build custom clubs to match your swing mechanics by integrating launch monitor fitting, advanced shaft analytics, 3D swing analysis, range-of-motion assessments. It's what modern professional clubfitting should be. 

  • Clubs fit to your individual swing movement pattern.
  • MOI-matched irons, wedges for maximum consistency.
  • FlightScope radar launch monitor for data accuracy.
  • Swing analysis by 3D motion capture, high speed video.
  • Range-of-motion analysis by TPI functional assessment.
  • Clubs built to correct specifications, best craftsmanship. 


The shaft transmits your swing energy to the clubhead and ball. Matching the correct shaft stiffness profile to the way you load the club during the downswing is essential for maximizing power, accuracy, and consistency. It's why we take the time to understand your swing mechanics and optimize shaft properties to your swing. It's one of the ways our personalized custom clubfitting benefits your game.

JTCLUBS comprehensive professional clubfitting with golf swing biomechanics analysis is offered in a wide range of options for players of all ages and skill levels. Our unique combination of modern technologies provides the clubs you need to play your best. Golfers tell us our clubfitting is the most effective in the SF bay area. We lower your scores.

JTCLUBS will make the difference in your game.