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About JT Custom Golf Clubs

JTCLUBS brings you the most effective combination of clubfitting, swing analysis, and range-of-motion assessment that's available in the San Francisco bay area. We blend methods learned through internationally respected certification programs developed by world leaders in swing biomechanics and golf fitness technologies.

JT brought proven analytical skills and scientific methods to club fitting and golf swing analysis after a successful academic career in biomedical research. His background includes: Senior Investigator at a cardiovascular disease research institute, Professor of Physiology at a leading university medical school, awarded numerous competitive research grants, more than 100 research publications in leading professional science journals, service on science journal editorial boards and national research grant review committees. JT lectured on topics in physiology, nutrition, and gene regulation in graduate school programs as well as medical school courses and physical therapy school courses.

The JTCLUBS analytical approach demonstrates that effective clubfitting depends on integrating an understanding of a golfer's swing technique and how it's affected by range of motion fitness. Fitting clubs properly requires understanding the swing movement pattern being measured. Certification programs by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) programs and K-Vest 3D motion capture technology. JT completed certification programs in golf swing biomechanics and golf fitness; as well as the TPI junior coach program, the most effective learning approach available to young golfers. JT has completed the American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer (CPT) program to bring a physiological understanding to how range-of-motion restrictions affect the golf swing.  

JTCLUBS continues to evolve into a state-of-the-art fusion of golf swing analysis, range-of-motion evaluation, and clubfitting technology that offers unique solutions to one of golf's oldest problems: how to score low. It's a comprehensive approach to clubfitting that's unique in Northern California. At JTCLUBS, your performance matters.


TITLEIST PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE (TPI) has an extensive education program teaching modern concepts in golf swing analysis, biomechanics, junior golf, and golf fitness including certification tests and continuing education requirements. By completing certifications (includes classes and exams) in several TPI programs, JT brings a unique ability to analyze each facet of your game and develop comprehensive balanced approaches for improvement. TPI is an acknowledged leader in developing a modern understanding of golf swing biomechanics and golf range-of-motion fitness, and in integrating both areas into golf equipment fitting.

K-VEST CERTIFIED LEVEL 2. A class and certification test on advanced techniques reviewed how to use K-Vest 3D motion capture for analysis and biofeedback in learning the feel of correct swing technique, drills, and exercises. The K-Vest is a feature-rich easy-to-use system that brings key elements of golf swing biomechanics analysis to any golfer interested in understanding how his unique swing works. The K-Trainer software is especially helpful in testing range-of-motion and can be used to customize ranges for exercises and drills that focus on golf fitness. It's a very powerful approach that now gets emphasized in current Level 2 certification classes. 

ACE (AMERICAN COUNCIL on EXERCISE) CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER. ACE is a premier nationally accredited organization of fitness professionals offering in-depth educational tracks leading to certification of personal fitness trainers. JT completed the ACE professional training program and examination to qualify as a certified personal trainer (CPT). Continuing education seminars and workshops keeps JT on the leading edge of sports conditioning knowledge. ACE is a foremost authority on fitness education, and it provides a balanced and professional approach to sports performance conditioning.

AGCP (ASSOCIATION OF GOLF CLUBFITTING PROFESSIONALS) is an independent organization of professional clubfitters and serves as a resource to keep up with the best products and methods. Members are qualified according to experience, knowledge, and the extent of services and equipment they bring to the craft. JT has qualified as a Level 10 clubfitter, the highest ranking. Annual meetings focus on new developments in club fitting. Prior to joining the AGCP, JT was a member of the Professional Clubmaker's Society and successfully completed the full certification as a Class A Clubmaker. JT was a featured speaker at the 2011 annual meeting of the AGCP where he presented modern concepts for the use of 3D motion capture in analyzing the golf swing and in fitting golf clubs.

ADVANCED CERTIFIED RIFLE CENTER, TRUE TEMPER GOLD CERTIFIED, TRUE TEMPER PERFORMANCE FITTING CENTER. The Rifle shaft technology and frequency matching developed by Dr. Braly and used by the Royal Precision Golf Company were major innovations in golf shaft production and fitting. The procedures for trimming shafts to manipulate ball flight became increasingly sophisticated and lead to establishing certification classes. Swing Science became the administrator of the classes and exams that included both theory and hands-on practical requirements. True Temper developed the Black Gold stepless shaft as an alternative design with equally detailed trimming strategies. Classes and exams were administered by Mitchell Golf. Both shaft programs were consolidated into the True Temper Performance Fitting Center program that includes access to limited production tour-issue shafts.

PROFESSIONAL CLUBMAKERS SOCIETY CERTIFIED CLASS A CLUBMAKER. The PCS was a premier professional group that tested and certified clubmakers to a meaningful standard. Requirements to be certified as a Class A Clubmaker consisted of passing a lengthy written test followed by a practical exam whereby 5 or 6 clubs needed to be assembled from a box of components to exact specifications and professional finish using your own self-calibrated equipment, knowledge, and craftsmanship. JT also attended the ADVANCED FITTING SCHOOL at the PCS facilities where specialized club fitting techniques were presented in a 3-day hands-on class.

CERTIFIED FITTER and INSTRUCTOR, SWING SURGEON PPGS PEAK PERFORMANCE GOLF SWINGJTattended the instructors class to learn details of Surge’s swing and teaching methods directly from Don Trahan. JTapplies 3D motion capture to analyze the mechanics of this distinctive swing technique and problems inherent in the method that can make it difficult to learn if you are trying to do it yourself without modern biomechanics analysis. Understanding the limitations in your range of motion is essential to applying this method to your own swing. Our approach enables golfers to identify and understand the key features and problems with this swing method.

EXPERTISE MATTERS. In club fitting, swing analysis, and range-of-motion fitness evaluation, professional expertise is essential for getting it right. We trust organizations like TPI or ACE that include training classes built on documented knowledge with formal exams that must be passed and continuing education requirements for maintaining active certification. Our certifications are your assurance that you are receiving state-of-the art knowledge based on a thorough understanding of what works for golfers at all skill levels. We think you should accept nothing less.