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AEROTECH Steelfiber shaft technology combines the stability of steel with the feel and vibration absorption of graphite. Great in woods and absolutely outstanding in irons, with the widest weight range of weights and flexes available in graphite to fit anyone. The unique design yields a measure of control not found in other graphite shafts. The i125 heavy specialty model is the first, and it continues, as one of the best graphite shaft ever developed for wedges. The premium Players Spec version of the design increases shaft weight progressively through the set for close MOI matching, a club building technique that enhances swing consistency and accuracy through the set.

Claymore shafts for woods are made with thin, long graphite fibers for light weight, remarkable stability, and high performance that absolutely challenges every other premium line out there -- shockingly great performance in drivers and fairway woods. They are popular with a broad range of golfers. We have every flex and weight of the Claymore shaft in our fitting systems for your testing.

The extended soft butt section shown by the EI profiles of the Claymore shafts -- that we measure with our own equpiment -- yields a comfortable feel. It's balanced by a relatively stiff tip section to give stability through increasing downswing club speeds. Players like the lively but controlled feel of the shaft making it a popular choice for particular swing styles. We have extensive experience with these shafts and we are enthusiastic about their performance.