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See us for BLACK WIDOW rubber-formula grips: superb feel, exciting designs, and one of the best performing rubber grip styles made. In addition to a broad selection of standard-size grips, there is an exceptionally good feeling mid-size design, and a smaller size designed specifically for juniors. We stock most Black Widow models.

The first thing about Black Widow grips that grabbed our attention was the look of the grips. The distinctive spider logo looks absolutely fabulous -- for once, a grip company got it right when it comes to a logo. Then, it's the feel of the grips that tells you they will be great for your game. The quality of the rubber formulation matters when you are looking for a specific feel, and that's another area where Black Widow gets it right. We have full access to every model in the line and a great arrangement with the company. Here are many of the designs we like. 

We think Black Widow grips feel better than any other rubber grip we've played. And we like the looks with disticntive designs that grap your attention and make a statement. There is no better feeling mid-size grip in golf than the Black Widow model we stock. Everyone who needs this size has the same reaction when they grip it: "gotta have them on my clubs". In regular size, the same formulation has the right amount of shock absorption without the too-soft "silly putty" feeling given by other vibration-absorbing grips. Black Widow grips are made for golfers, and we're confident you will want them on your clubs.