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Properly sized grips will help minimize tension in your hands and arms to facilitate a smooth flowing movement of the club through the swing to enhance swing speed and control. Most golfers play worn, poorly fit grips that can affect the swing. New polymer materials, rubber formulations, and grip designs are available to help your game. 

We recommend IOMIC grips, made in Japan with ultra high density elastomers to minimize torque. The company has an interesting video where they show how their polymer formulation reduces torque to stabilize the club against twisting at higher swing speeds. In comparison, many rubber formulations allow for excess twist with a consequent effect on your ball flight.

IOMICs are firm at the butt and softer near the tip for a perfect feel. Several designs are available for varied playing styles. There are multiple hot colors to express your club’s individuality. We think they have the best colors in grips today: they don't just lay on your clubs gasping for air, they're alive and well and ready to lift your spirits. We like to mix different colored grips in our sets -- there are no rules that require playing plain black grips on your clubs, and that's one of the reasons we have different colors on every grip in our bag. The other reason is that it looks cool.

We think IOMIC putter grips have the best tactile feel in golf. With many textures, styles, and colors from which to select, you are guaranteed to find a putter grip that provides unmatched feel when the putter face contacts the ball. That feeling is an important key to distance control. Grip feel matters.