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MOI Matched Clubs

Matching irons and/or wedges to the same MOI as measured at the grip end of the clubs results in sets that have a consistent sense of feel for every club in the bag. The short irons have the same swing feel as the long irons. The same effort is used in swinging each club. It promotes consistency and repeatability in shot making.

We have been building MOI-matched irons sets for more than ten years. It's long enough to learn that MOI matching yields more consistent club performance than swingweight match sets. Swingweight matched irons are built to a single club factory standard. In contrast, MOI-matched clubs are built to complement each individual golfer's swing movement pattern through the set. Custom MOI-matched is always better.

It's possible to build a complete set of clubs, driver through fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and all wedges, to have the same MOI. It means that if you have experienced club fitting that determines your optimum MOI, then swinging every club will involve the same kinetic energy. A golfer who is in control of their swing technique will experience extra-ordinary performance from a fully MOI-matched set through the bag.

Sets built to these standards break many of the traditional rules or guidelines for building club sets. The typical standard that woods and irons can be built to the same swingweight, and that wedges are often built to someone else's standard make no sense given today's understanding of performance optimizing.

In our experience, MOI-matched clubs through the entire set can transform your game. Without conscious effort, you stop being concerning about bringing a different swing to each club. Your focus at address is entirely on optimizing your swing technique because the clubs already perfectly complement your golf movement pattern -- your swing mechanics.

We find that realizing the full benefit of MOI-matched sets requires building to a higher level of spec tolerance than is generally done in any shop, and that factory built sets just can't achieve this goal and have all necessary inventory choices. But when tight tolerances are the basis of custom MOI-matching in the build, your game can reach a new level of consistency.

As a typical golfer who searched for consistent performance from the entire set of clubs in my golf bag, it wasn't until close MOI-matching was fully built in that this ethereal goal seemed within reach. It's experienced in performance on the course, the only place it matters.

Golfers who are on a quest for the lowest score they can achieve owe it to themselves to play custom built clubs that are closely MOI-matched -- to a tolerance level that far exceeds what is generally recommended. We think it's the holy grail of club craftsmanship.

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