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We think junior golfers who enjoy competition are special players. They deserve our full professional engagement and we respond to what they need. Parents can support their junior golfers by finding professional clubfitters and instructors who have acquired expertise with helping juniors. Then, let your junior golfer have fun learning, exploring the game, and begin a life-long love for golf and the rewards of competition.

TPI instructional methods focus on understanding how junior athletes develop fundamental movement skills and progress to develop fundamental sport (golf) skills. The TPI program is based on experience and research in junior development by leading experts. This approach is aimed at enhancing athletic development, generating competitive golfers, and fostering the enjoyment and interest in golf that initially bring kids to the game. After completing level 2 and level 3 TPI Junior Coach certification classes we are convinced TPI has the most effective program for junior golf anywhere. 

Junior athletes develop at different rates. The proof is in any school classroom where students are mostly the same chronological age but differ in size, physique, motor coordination, and emotional development. We conclude that chronological age is probably not a good basis for judging athletic ability. Since growth rates are different among kids, it's better to think in terms of developmental (biological) age for evaluating athletes. There can be more than +/- 2 years difference between chronological age and developmental (biological) age.  (Windows of Opportunity illustration, courtesy of Greg Rose, TPI)

Biological development creates natural windows of opportunity for enhanced learning of athletic skills. By taking a long term athletic development (LATD) view, junior golfers can train for golf specific skills at the most effective periods for learning them. Development of athletes requires long term planning for juniors to reach elite levels. Talent is learned.   (Stages of Developing a Golfer, courtesy of Greg Rose, TPI)

DELIBERATE PRACTICE AND DELIBERATE PLAY. Junior golfers progress most rapidly when they learn how to do both effectively. Bone and joint injuries acquired through overuse are far too common in juniors who practice intensively with poorly fit clubs and insufficient physical capacity. Golf clubs that match the physical abilities of the junior athlete will make it easier for them to learn and continue to enjoy the game. Cut down adult clubs or hanging on to early junior sets can limit improvement. As skills and motivation increase, juniors need their own professionally fitted clubs to play competitively. 

FOR JUNIORS. We analyze your swing biomechanics with the same technology used by many of the best players in the world. The results can be used for monitoring swing development to help you and your coach wth training plans and lessons. Measurable TPI benchmarks can be used to track golf skill sets. K-Vest swing analysis reports may be a helpful resource for applications to college golf programs.

FOR PARENTS. We have a powerpoint presentation on junior golf that comes straight from the lead instructors at TPI that describes the philosophy of their program and how it's structured. We can review it with you to help your junior golfer get on the right track whether it's an early start or a mid-term correction. Our continuing interactions with the instructors at TPI and participation in classes each year allows us to stay up-to-date with current teaching methods.

Being parents ourselves, we understand something about the challenges and satisfaction that comes from helping kids pursue their interests and goals. Let us know if we can help.