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We are a featured dealer and fit with the full range of Miura clubs.


KBS TOUR SHAFTS designed by Kim Braly and manufactured by FST essentially re-invented the steel golf shaft. They’re designed and manufactured to have a constant stiffness change throughout the length of the shaft giving superb responsiveness and smooth soft feel without sacrificing control. That’s why many tour pros are now switching to KBS Tours. Production by Femco Steel is as consistent as it gets and not surpassed by anyone else. We love the lightweight Tour 90 shafts -- fabulous soft feel, no vibrational harshness. Black nickel-coated wedge shafts have a cool muted look that yields a club of beauty when mated to raw or black-finish clubheads. The new C-Taper shafts with gorgeous satin finish in a stepless design are the low-flight ball-control shafts demanded by everyone looking to achieve a penetrating ball trajectory.

The first KBS model to draw attention from the best players in the world was the KBS Tour. It's available in R, S, and X flexes, both taper tip and parallel (unitized) tip. They're characterized by a relatively soft tip with a relatively constant change in stiffness towards a firm butt region. The combination gives a lively feel to a shaft characterized by a firm sense of control.

KBS has recently developed a basic fitting certification for dealers, and we completed this program. We have continued to maintain an extensive selection of all weights and flexes at different lengths of all KBS shaft models in our interchangeable shaft/hosel fitting system.