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Here is the club head favored by modern long drive professionals. Krank Golf drivers dominate today's long drive circuit in the number of championship wins and in play by top pros in the long drive sport. The 2019 version of the driver head is the best design in the ~15 yr history of Krank Golf that traces roots to its long drive champion founder. Distance is coded into the DNA of the club head.

We were especially impressed by performance results when Krank Golf driver heads were fit with premium aftermarket shafts that worked for golfers at all skill levels. The golf ball seems to explode off the club face and travels long down the fairway in the direction you want it to go -- the distance and accuracy everyone craves.

Enhanced performance comes from a special titanium alloy, forged and heat strengthened into hardened plates, then welded together into a structure that delivers the highest amount of swing impact energy to the ball compared to any other club head in golf. Hosel adapter construction that allows for easy interchange of shafts sealed the deal for us. 

Fairway woods and hybrids complete the Krank Golf catalog. The 3-wood is one of the few head designs we can hit off the fairway with enough ball height to justify carrying a strong-lofted fairway wood in the bag. This club surprised us with it's easy-to-hit playability, and it comes alive when matched to a light-weight fairway-specific shaft. And finally, Krank hybrid lofts ranging from 16º to 25º allow us to fit just about any player looking for these versatile clubs.