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JTCLUBS is an authorized dealer for Matrix Shafts, considered to be among the finest shafts produced for more than a decade. Matrix is a recognized leader in shaft technology and innovative design that set industry standards for performance and quality. Played by elite tour professionals and by amateur golfers at all skill levels, Matrix has acquired wide acceptance with one of the most extensive series of shaft models in golf. There is a Matrix shaft for every player.

JTCLUBS is a Matrix specialist with more than 40 shafts from several current lines in fitting systems for testing. Our experience with analyzing and fitting Matrix shafts is described on our website, with a separate page dedicated to each model. We do our own testing for stiffness distribution by EI profiling, differential deflection analysis for shaft loading, frequency (cpm) measurements for flex designation, MOI and balance point measurements for weight distribution, and torque zone analysis for resistance to twist forces. Our performance fitting is done with a FlightScope X2 launch monitor, a K-Vest 3D motion capture system, and video capture -- both conventional and high speed. We include personal playing analysis and feedback from golfers who have tested and played Matrix shafts. We understand Matrix shafts.

Our analyses and reviews benefit from insight gained by touring the state-of-the-art production and testing facilities in Anaheim CA. JT also met and interviewed President / Chief Designer Daniel You as well as Vice Presidents Chris Nolan and Chris Elson at the 2012 PGA show to learn firsthand about how Matrix shafts are designed and produced. Videos are currently in production.

The right column of our website pages has a Matrix Shaft section with individual pages for most current models in production. In the coming weeks we will fill in the details to help you choose the right Matrix shaft for your game. If you have questions or comments, please contact us by email or phone and we will respond as soon as we have an answer.