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MITSUBISHI shafts are noted for an exceptionally smooth feel and production consistency. Diamana, Fubuki, Bassara, and Javln shafts offer a wide range of flex profile choices to match any swing. The Diamana Blue Board, Diamana Red Board, and White Board have been succeeded by Kai’li, ‘Ilima, and Ahina. Kai’li has firm tip and butt sections combined with a softer mid region for a players who attack the ball through the entire downswing and need help getting the ball in the air. ‘Ilima complements a smoother swing while retaining control and generating a penetrating ball flight. Ahina with a softer butt section works with a smooth controlled swing with a stiff tip region that can handle the power. We measure the EI properties of these shafts at different flexes and weights to understand how their stiffness profiles work with the swings we see in our fitting sessions.  

The Fubuki Alpha and Fubuki K family offers distinct choices for feel and perfomance in a premium shaft. It's due in part to design and materials differences, but the bending profiles tell the more interesting story. Tip stiffness is noticeably different, and in the past most players and fitters would  go no further. But we find flex variation in the mid sections to be a key factor in understanding ball flight. We've talked to several shaft design engineers, and find a growing recognition of the importance of the shaft mid-section on both feel and performance. Our fitting sessions and shaft characterizations support this view.

Bassara shafts are Mitsubishi's family of extra-lightweight premium shafts, with Wyvern and Griffin being the newest members. These shafts provide quite different performance options but retain exceptional stability and feel for players looking for premium performance at reduced shaft weights. They are both produced with unique structural fibers that give extra strength for players who generate increased club head speeds. They are must-try options when you fit with us.

Mitsubishi has a complete catalog of shafts. The Fubuki AX fairway and Fubuki AX hybrid shafts are among the few models available that we enjoy playing, and they're in our bag rotation. We have several models in our fitting system for you to test.

KURO KAGE breaks new ground in shaft design with a graphite fiber material that requires substantially less resin than previously thought possible. HIgh density graphite allows higher strength while still yielding Mitsubishi's characteristic smooth feel, stability, and balance. 

Mitsubishi's graphite iron shafts are notable for their remarkable stability. You will re-think the flex and weight you want in a shaft after you try the Fubuki AX. We were among the first clubfitters anywhere to put them into a fitting system and we now consider them to be a reference standard for graphite shaft performance in irons. We've analyzed them extensively, and their iron-set EI profiles have not been exceeded for consistency by any steel shaft that's passed through our hands. So much for the old argument that steel is more consistent than graphite -- the Fubuki AX soundly beats anything we've analyzed to date. We have much more to say about the outstanding performance of graphite shafts in irons based on our own analysis as described in other sections of our website.