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Authorized Miura Dealer in San Francisco


We are a featured dealer and fit with the full range of Miura clubs.



JTCLUBS is the official dealer for Miura Golf in San Francisco. We fit with the complete line of irons, wedges, putters, hybrids, and woods in current production. Irons and wedges in our fitting system have adapters to allow each club head to be tested with any shaft selected from our collection of the best premium shafts. We then build the optimum combination of club head and shaft MOI-matched to perfection with shafts aligned for deflection stability to enhance performance consistency through your set. 

Miura's advanced forging of soft carbon steel includes multiple steps to yield a uniform hitting response across the club face not matched by any other manufacturing process. Consistency in weight and center of gravity for each club head in every set is the best in golf with the highest level of quality, precision, and craftsmanship we've seen. This exceptional attention to detail is the foundation of the unique Miura club feel.

Miura Golf clubs are at the pinnacle of design perfection and forging precision. The image above shows just how beautiful a premium forged iron can be. The unique black boron finish is impregnated into the soft carbon steel for long lasting durability. Available on a custom-order limited basis for any iron or wedge, contact us to reserve your set today. We will fit them perfectly to your swing.

The 501 cavity back is a perfect combination of forgiving peripheral weight distribution and blade-like feel that yields an ideal ball flight. We can't say enough about the fabulous performance of these fine clubs. The classic chrome finish on these heads is simply beautiful. 

The PP9003 cavity back is a new design with a deep center of gravity that helps get the ball in the air for those players looking for extra versatility in their irons. The moderately thin top line looks great at address, and with only a modest amount of offset the PP9003 is a truly elegant player-friendly club.  

The Miura blade has a timeless design with no unnecessary extra lines to mar its beauty. This clubhead goes against conventional wisdom that argues a blade is difficult to hit. We find it to be just the opposite -- every player who tests this club with a shaft that's comfortable for them hits it great and they love the feel. Its balance and subtle design features enhance its performance making it the ultimate game improvement club. To develop a feel for where the ball contacted the clubface, there is no better choice than the Miura blade. 

Miura performance magic extends to their special wedge series, the Y, C, and K grinds. Each has its unique design features that target specific functional goals and puts each head into the rarified world of custom grinds. There is plenty to discuss about each head, and we've set them up and played them in varied conditions to give us an understanding of how they benefit any game.

One look at Miura wedges tells you they are not "cookie-cutter" designs, but neither is your short game. The Miura high-performance wedges take back the advantage from the course architect by placing perfectly designed golf instruments in your hands. Our advice always is to get the best wedges you can find for your game, and the new Miura offerings are at the top of our recommendations.

If you care about your wedge game, be sure to test the perfectly balanced "knuckles" design of the Miura K-series wedge. We have many shaft options available for your custom fitting with this unique club. Do not buy off the rack, online, or accept a golf forum's opinion of a "gamer" until you test these wedges personally in our custom fitting with a shaft that we select together for feel and performance. 

The HB utility hybrid is the right club for replacing long irons with a design that helps get the ball in the air from just about any lie. The clubface is definitely hot, making the ball jump off the club, giving the HB an extra lively feel through impact. It's a remarkable combination of feel and performance available as playing options for the 3-iron and the 4-iron.

If you are looking for a classic putter blade design, look no further than the Miura forgings. We recommend a high center of gravity and a custom selected balance to give you all the advantages in contacting the ball. There are several design options, but we think only one word of description is needed for all of them. Beautiful.