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MOBILITY allows the body to create the angles and motions required for high club head speed. Here’s a way to think about it. Consider how and where you rotate in a backswing, and how you release the club through impact as you turn towards the target. If you can’t do it easily and smoothly without a club in your hand, you probably have a mobility problem. Maximum mobility comes from exercising golf-specific movements to develop the needed flexibility. A problem for most fitness-aware golfers is that traditional stretching and exercise don’t target the specific motions needed for golf. Translation: you need to understand how your body works in the golf swing to design an effective fitness routine.

STABILITY enables a golfer to maintain a set position in the presence of changing forces in the swing. It allows you to keep the club swinging on plane and release the club through impact with accuracy and consistency. Most of us don’t think about stability in our movements, but it makes mobility possible. Stable joints and body segments are required for purposeful mobility. If you see a swing that looks like a wild turkey on steroids, you are probably seeing a stability problem.

HOW THEY INTERACT. The body works in an alternating pattern of stability and mobility. If this pattern is disrupted by pain, injury, or posture problems, then compensations develop that could impact your golf swing and lead to more complications. Instability in the hips is common in golf and is typically associated with weakness in muscles that connect the legs to the pelvis. It results in limited rotation of mobile hip joints and restricted weight shift onto the lead leg -- a slice ball flight is common. Golfers need fitness methods that target their specific restrictions if they want to play better safer golf.

STRETCHING. Specific stretching routines and exercises that target mobility and stability issues will improve your ability to play golf. There’s a science to it, and practical solutions have been developed that can bring about huge benefits to your game. Let us know how we can help you. 

LEARNING. Expertise matters. TPI has developed the most effective integration of swing knowledge and range of motion techniques in golf. In going through every TPI professional certification track and just about every class that’s offered, we’ve learned there is no substitute for knowledge when it comes to understanding how range of motion impacts the golf swing. The more we know, the better we get at identifying the particular restriction in your mobility/stability that interferes with an efficient swing. We are passionate about this hidden foundation of golf because we have seen how improving it benefit’s every golfer who starts down this path.