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Our Fitting Session -- What We Do

We start by analyzing how you hit your current clubs and key specifications are measured. All essential club path and ball flight variables are measured accurately with a FlightScope X2 launch monitor that uses the most advanced radar technology available for professional club fitting.

Then, we analyze the efficiency of how your body swings a golf club using the K-Vest 3D motion capture system. Wireless sensors are placed on your lower back (pelvis), between the shoulder blades, and on your lead hand. Data from the sensors are analyzed to reveal the timing and rotational acceleration and deceleration of key body segments. This kinematic sequence is your swing signature and it shows how you generate speed and power with a golf club.

We include video capture to characterize your swing traits and examine any swing faults. High speed video allows us to see details of club release and other key positions in the swing. Your range of motion is evaluated by selected TPI functional movement tests. Incorporating the results with the K-Vest 3D capture system and the launch monitor gives us a complete picture of whether your clubs are working efficiently for you, and how your swing traits and technique affect the performance of your clubs. We review our analysis with you and provide a report of the key findings.

Depending on your goals for the fitting session, we can do a full analysis of how you hit each club in your bag to measure distance and shot dispersion. We determine if there are significant distance overlaps or gaps. During the session we also discuss how you play, the courses you play, and your goals for golf. Taken together, the results allow us to recommend the most efficient set makeup for your game, and which clubs are not giving optimum performance. We suggest priorities for improving club performance and whether re-shafting your current set or building new clubs will best meet your goals.

We fit with an extensive selection of shafts in exchangeable hosel-clubhead systems that allow us to focus on the specific performance variables in both shaft and clubhead that can improve your game. Our analysis gives the optimum shaft and clubhead combination for you.

We reshaft or build clubs personally for you. Each club is carefully matched to the specifications determined by your fitting session. Our craftsmanship is unsurpassed. You benefit by having your clubs built by the golf professional who analyzed your club performance, your swing, and your range of motion. Our personal service and the extent of the advanced technology we bring to your clubfitting is not exceeded anywhere in the SF bay area.

With drivers, especially, we know that it's all about distance. Yes, accuracy and shot placement in the fairway matter, but maximizing distance is a major goal of everything we do in fitting drivers. Here is a chart that we picked up along the way from David Nel of FlightScope with numbers that relate to a 1.5 efficiency factor as a reference.