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KNOWING YOUR SWING CAN HELP YOUR GAME. The bottom line for any swing analysis is to improve swing performance. Here is one example of how understanding the movement of hips, shoulders, and hands in the optimum kinematic sequence can translate into more distance. The blue and red circles and dots in these launch monitor shot data show the results when a strong player hit his 6-iron with the swing technique he brought to a club fitting.

K-Vest 3D swing analysis, combined with video analysis, identified significant swing traits that needed improvement. After working on technique changes and changing to a club with a more suitable shaft, this player had dramatically improved results hitting a 6-iron. He achieved an increase of 8 mph in clubhead speed and 30 yds increased distance. The lavendar circle and dots show the results of hitting a test 6-iron with an optimized graphite shaft or a steel shaft. 

The results here show an interim step on a path to swing improvement. The player's first goal was to gain distance. The next goal is to gain accuracy (more white dots in the above shot dispersion cluster). We expect further refinement in technique and equipment will help the player reach his goals.