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Dynamic stretching before playing a round of golf will enhance your performance and reduce your risk of injury. Just about everyone who plays golf knows that some form of warming up is a good idea, but knowing what to do and why seems to be a barrier to getting started. Here's a strategy that reflects current thinking in golf conditioning on what works best for a pre-round warm-up.

To be most effective, a warmup routine should involve 8 - 10 minutes of repetitive dynamic movements in which each stretch position is held briefly for about 2 - 4 seconds, then relaxed. To prevent injury, begin the first stretch in an individual exercise slowly, and let each following stretch increase the length of the primary muscle progressively in small increments. 

Short term dynamic stretches have greater immediate benefit in getting you ready before a round of golf than long-hold static stretching of 20 - 30 seconds or longer. Static stretches are more suitable for developing long-term range-of-motion development. The same overall movement patterns are involved, but the length of time you hold the stretch is quite different. Long-hold static stretching requires several hours of recovery before playing golf.

Pre-round stretching will be most effective if the focus is on golf-specific rotary movement patterns. We like to stretch muscles that promote mobility of shoulders and hips, and stretches to activate muscles that promote stability in the supporting joints. There is plenty of room for creativity in a pre-round stretching routine, but we suggest about 8 - 10 different stretches, with each one take about a minute to complete the repetitive cycle of movements.

Here's a brief list of some of our favorite warmup stretches. We'll add and expand the descriptions as we develop the golf conditioning section. Let us know by email through our CONTACT page if you need extra details on doing the stretch correctly. If you're in San Francisco, you can schedule time with our K-Vest to set targets for the correct positions and optimum amount of stretch. We can help you establish the most effective pre-round warmup routine for your game.

To start, select any 10 stretches and after the warm-up routine, finish with a few practice swings at full speed. You're now ready to play.

Arm Circles


Overhead Reach with Side-Bend

Forearm Saws

Two Arm Cross-Body Lat Stretch

Torso Turn with Neutral Pelvis

Hip Twister

Hip Hikers

Pelvic Tilt

Hip Flexor Stretch Half-Kneeling

Forward Lunge

Standing Quad Stretch

Knee to Chest Stretch

Dynamic Hamstring Stretch