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The major reasons most golfers have difficulty putting are problems with: green reading, hitting the ball on the aim line, and hitting the ball at the optimum speed. Our putter fitting focuses on determing the best putter specifications for your setup and stroke, measuring ball performance after impact, and the physical factors that affet your ability to putt. It's a unique combination of fitting parameters for putter fitting in the SF bay area.

Putting is about 40% of your golf game. It’s the great equalizer in golf and critical to lowering your score. You don’t need a golf swing that drives the ball into the next zip code to have a great putting game. You can make up for taking an extra shot to reach the green by taking one less stroke to put the ball in the hole. If 40% of your score is important to you, then we recommend putter fitting and stroke evaluation. You may be surprised by the analysis of your alignment, how you see the target line, and distance accuracy.

Finding the optimum length and loft when the center of the sole lies flat on the ground at address is a major goal in putter fitting. It’s the essential element in having the best chance at making a repeatable stroke along the intended line of putt with the right distance control. If the toe or heel of your putter is elevated at address, the ball will go offline when you putt the ball unless you make a compensation in technique that will be difficult to repeat consistently. If the putter face loft is too high, the ball will lift and skid excessively before starting to roll thereby affecting how far the ball travels and how it reacts to the putting surface (translation: loss of accuracy). To score low, a properly fit putter that gets the ball rolling smoothly right after impact is absolutely essential.

There is an optimum putter style for each of us that best fits our individual setup and stroke. We help you find the right design for your game by measuring how each style affects your address position, eye alignment, and stroke mechanics. We offer custom putter options from WHITLAM GOLF / GAUGE DESIGN. All the technology and craftsmanship you expect in a premium putter are present: advanced designs, finest materials, refined appearance, perfect balance, no polymer inserts to diminish impact feel, state-of-the-art milling. They have a remarkably soft feel at impact and impart early roll of the ball at contact. Custom modifications and finishes are available to personalize your putter.