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Goals for development of junior golfers include three main categories.

  Swing mechanics

  Creating effective practice sessions

  Improving course management and playing skills

Time is spent in training groups where current golf skills are reviewed and new skills are introduced. The number of training hours committed to golf are likely to be increased. A competition schedule is developed.

Course management skills are particularly interesting to us -- it's often the difference between winning and losing at all levels of competition. Developing an on-course shotmaking process is a key skill that influences competitive success. Strategies for changing set makeup can be used to stimulate shot-making creativity -- it's a great opportunity to explore club options and club specifications.

Analysis of swing mechanics includes K-Vest 3D motion capture and video. We like the K-Vest for its convenience and ease of use in swing analysis, and high speed video for its ability to isolate specific portions of a swing. We like to evaluate club performance using a FlightScope X2 radar launch monitor. Our goal is to track how changes in growth and development, improvements in technique, and performance properties of the golf clubs affect swing efficiency. We also include TPI functional movement tests to help identify possible mobility or stability limitations that may contribute to swing variations.