Whitlam Golf / Gauge Design PUTTERS, WEDGES, and IRONS are premium clubs using the finest materials, forging craftsmanship, and milling technology in golf. The most beautiful designs for putters we have seen -- anywhere. We can’t say enough about these fine clubs. You owe it to yourself to put these clubs in your hands and experience their balance, feel, and sense of control. Here are some of our favorite limited edition designs we custom fit. Contact us for more styles and options.

Whitlam/Gauge Design is a leading source of highest quality putters that combine the finest elements of design with subtle and bold options to please any eye. We love their elegant putters with a bit of panache that tells the field “I came to play”.

WHITLAM / GAUGE DESIGN wedges are special clubs. Forged from soft carbon steel in one of Japan's premium foundries then sent to Whitlam Golf in California for milling and finishing into one of the softest most responsive wedges we've ever played. Yes, they are in our bag rotation -- we're addicted to the feel, giving us unparalleled distance control. 

We are Northern California's Whitlam / Gauge Design specialist with plenty of wedges and putters available.