Tom Wishon, golf’s leading master club fitter, has designed more original golf components than just about anyone else in the industry and brought technical innovation to modern club production. Here are a few of our current favorites.

The new 739 driver is the latest evolution in TWGT designs. The unique feature of this driver is the ability to distribute weight (center of gravity) in the most effective manner possible to influence ball trajectory. There are two weight ports: one on the sole near the clubface and one at the center back of the clubhead. Increasing weight in the forward position while decreasing it at the back favors a penetrating ball flight. Moving the center of gravity to the back favors a high launch angle that helps get the ball in the air. Equalizing weight in each port allows for greater length and swingweight choices in building your personal driver. The center of gravity adjustments possible with the 739 driver in combination with a hot face and beautiful looks make it unique in golf today.

TWGT 919 driver, redesigned and produced by new precision fit forging technologies, has a variable thickness face and extended cup face for maximum retention of high COR across the hitting surface. Graduated roll face increases launch angle consistency. High MOI and optimum weight distribution provide stability and balance through the swing. It’s a state-of-the-art driver from a master of club head design. Beautiful.

TWGT 929 Fairway Wood has several key design features including a sole shape giving reduced turf interaction, a shallow face for low COG, and a high-COR thin face. But the most exciting feature is a bendable hosel that lets us get the best lie angle for your setup and swing. That’s a huge plus when it comes to controlling ball flight and increased accuracy. Looks great.

TWGT 775 Hybrid is as close to perfection in design that we’ve seen for players looking for a true hybrid that combines the best of iron and wood game enhancement features. Minimal turf interaction sole, high-COR thin face, shallow face for low COG, ideal face progression. A bendable hosel may be the best feature, allowing us to adjust the lie angle to complement what you need at the long end of your iron set. 

TWGT 555c, 555M, and 560 irons are among the best iron designs in golf. The “5” series are one piece forged from soft carbon steel. CNC milling achieves the designed cavity weight distribution needed for each model with progressive changes through the set for optimal performance at each loft. Each iron has superb feel and balance, and they can be mixed and matched for combo sets to meet any skill level. Minimal offset.

TWGT PCF Wedge in satin or dark platinum finish is the real deal in high performance short game clubs. Wishon originated the close-spaced micro groove design, that combined with a perfectly milled face, gives more spin than any other wedge alive. Ultra-soft feel. Wide sole option.

Tom Wishon is the most prolific club designer in the industry with an extensive catalog of clubs, shafts, putters, grips, and accessories that goes way beyond any other company in golf. There are high performance designs for golfers at any skill level. All TWGT woods we build are handpicked for exact loft and face angle, and all irons are handpicked for weight. Iron loft and lie angles are verified and adjusted as needed, and lie angles are adjusted again by our dynamic ball flight technology.