ALPHA GOLF first gained recognition from multiple victories on the long drive pro circuit with highly forgiving exceptionally durable drivers. We think Alpha’s Jim Yeh is one of the most innovative figures in golf -- he originated the black ion-finish club face. He combines materials knowledge and technical design expertise with a flair for what looks good. Here are some of our favorites from Jim’s extensive catalog.

The marvelous Version 5LX Driver with it’s distinct dark finish, dual weight ports, ideal face geometry forged from ultra strong titanium alloy, and a cast titanium body yields canon-like performance on the tee. A variable thickness crown gives increased rigidity for a penetrating ball flight. It’s beautiful, powerful, and “bulletproof”. The sleek V5LX has found its way on tour, and has become a favorite among players who like to work the ball. External weight ports allow for post-assembly fine tuning of swingweight and ball flight bias. We provide the weights you need. All Alpha heads are handpicked for us for the loft and face angle we find will fit you best. No off-the-rack guesswork with anything from Alpha Golf.

The C830.2 Driver design is optimized for getting the ball in the air off the tee, long and straight. A variable thickness face is plasma welded onto a solid titanium body for unbeatable strength. Superior weight distribution and compact body design resists twisting at impact. Subtle improvements in design and production have made this driver exceptionally popular, due in no small part to the ease of hitting the ball. Available RH in lofts from 6* - 12, and LH in lofts 9.5* and 10.5*. Of course, we hand select lofts and face angles to meet the exact needs of the golfer. One of our favorite drivers of all time. Very popular.

C1 Pro cavity back irons have a classic design with a distribution of weight around the perimeter to give forgiveness on off-center hits while promoting ease of getting the ball off the turf. It's forged from soft 1020 carbon steel with extra pressure steps to enhance the soft “buttery” feel that’s the hallmark of this superb club. CNC milled face and grooves for consistency in performance. Lofts are traditional (# 6 = 32*) -- no decreasing loft disorder here. It’s a testament to Alpha’s design integrity. Just a touch of offset to help with COG/ball flight effects. Gorgeous.

The ProSpec wedge has an exceptionally versatile grind with plenty of roll-off to allow all the workability most players can use. The flattened camber and increased sole width translates into extra bounce where it’s needed. The high friction face comes from an extra “reverse” milling step that gives tremendous bite on the ball for huge amounts of spin -- as much as any wedge we've seen. Double forged from soft carbon steel to yield superb feel and playability.


ALPHA GOLF has a full selection of superb shafts with flexes and weights to meet the needs of a wide range of golfers. Graphite fiber orientation provides increased lateral strength to minimize distortion in the downswing and provide stability for improved accuracy and distance. Exceptional feel and distinctive finishes.